Introducing the J. Wright Building Co. Design Center

Design Build in Birmingham, AL

We’re pleased to give you the inside scoop on our new design center that our clients love! The design center helps our clients to create the initial vision for their new custom home in Birmingham.

One of the most important parts of the custom homebuilding process is developing the design and overall theme or aesthetic for the home. This step can often be overwhelming for clients. as it can be difficult to picture interior design choices before they come to life.

Design Build in Birmingham, AL

We aim to offer our clients a unique experience that they will enjoy while they’re creating the design concept for the custom home they’re dreaming of. To transform our clients’ experience, our design center provides an opportunity for clients to work with our interior designer and fully visualize the ideas we have for their custom home.

The design process starts even before the client’s first meeting with our interior designers. Before the meeting, our interior designers take a look at the client’s building plans and exterior details to understand their overall vision for the home. If a plan includes texture and craftsman-style detail, the home may be designed in a more traditional or transitional style. If the exterior details contain many clean lines and high contrast, this means the client has a more modern style and likely prefers a sleek interior.

Design Center

During the first meeting, our interior designers dive further into the client’s style by asking questions about the look of their dream home and how they would like their home to feel. Based on this description, our interior designers develop a design concept for the home that helps to create a cohesive living space. Whether the concept is “warm, earthy, inviting” or “sleek, modern, bold,” our designers then recommend selections with varying finishes, textures or colors, among other features.

Moving on from aesthetics, the process continues by focusing on the functionality of the home. It’s important for our designers to understand the client’s wants, needs, and lifestyle to determine the selections that will fit best in their home. Whether the client has children, pets, a disability or any other important lifestyle factors, it is important to consider how different elements of the home may benefit or hinder daily life in the home.

After the home’s aesthetic and functionality are established, our designers are able to consult with vendors with the client’s fully formed vision in mind. For most of our interior selections, we visit showrooms to meet with vendors who can help guide us toward products that fit the homeowner’s aesthetic, lifestyle and budget. This process helps to ensure that from the very beginning our clients can envision what our interior designers are visualizing for their dream home.

design center

Our design center offers our interior designers the resources to lay out color schemes with potential selections for our clients to better help them visualize possible looks for different spaces in their home. Upon placing all elements together, our designers occasionally notice details that may not fit visually within the home’s overall theme. In these cases, our interior designers look for an element to replace it and recommend the change to the client for final approval. We expect this will help our clients be even more confident in their vision for their custom home as they can better imagine how their selections will look in the finished project.

In our new design center, we invite clients to envision their new home while surrounded by plenty of onsite selections to choose from for their home’s custom features. By providing interior options to browse in person, the center helps guide our clients’ design decisions and provides a way for them to truly visualize the elements in their new home. Our design space includes interior selection options such as cabinetry, countertops, flooring, tile and hardware. We also have samples of exterior selections such as roofing, siding, paint colors and masonry.

At J. Wright Building Company, we strive to make the custom home design process easy for our clients, while keeping them engaged and informed throughout their home’s build. To learn more about working with our team, contact us online or call 205-820-0100.

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