Extend the Life of Your Home’s Exterior with Sherwin Williams’ Newest Paint

emerald rain exterior paintAt J. Wright Building Company, we invest in only the best exterior paint to deliver an extraordinary look for your brand-new custom home. That’s why we look to Sherwin-Williams to find amazing paints that offer outstanding color, quality and lasting durability.

In 2020, Sherwin-Williams released their Emerald Rain® Refresh™ paint with excellent self-cleaning technology that minimizes exterior maintenance. Since its introduction, we’ve used Emerald® Rain Refresh™ to paint several new custom homes, and even for the exterior of our brand-new office!

We’ve highlighted the best reasons to consider Sherwin-Williams’ Emerald® Rain Refresh™ paint for the exterior of your new custom home:

Minimal Maintenance and Cleaning

The Emerald® Rain Refresh™ Exterior paint offers incredible resilience that includes the benefit of exceptional self-cleaning technology. Don’t worry about dirt or grime building upon the home’s exterior, as Emerald® Rain Refresh™ provides your home with a fresh, clean look after contact with rain or water. This revolutionary paint offers the benefit of an effortless clean that keeps your home looking sleek and beautiful until the next rainfall. The convenience of this exterior paint means less time spent power washing your home and more time to enjoy with your family!

custom home exterior paint

Long-Term Protection

No matter the weather, your home will always look fantastic with the ultra-durable coating of Emerald® Rain Refresh™. The strength of Emerald® Rain Refresh™ means you don’t have to worry about touch-up jobs to fix chips and cracks. This paint provides constant UV and weather protection for your home’s exterior. Avoid the blistering and peeling caused by intense weather and enjoy an exterior that retains a freshly painted appearance year-round!

emerald rain exterior paint

Easy Application

Enjoy painting with a smoother application when you use this self-priming paint! With outstanding application qualities, Emerald® Rain Refresh™ requires less effort and time to accomplish fantastic coating results. This paint can also be used for multiple surface types, meaning you can save time and money for several projects for the cost of one paint product.

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Unlimited Color Options

Explore a wide variety of color options to choose from when you select Emerald® Rain Refresh™! This paint is also available in a variety of sheens including flat, which helps hide imperfections, gloss to highlight standout features, or satin to provide a richer look.

custom home exterior

This exterior paint can be tinted with VinylSafe® paint colors, which are innovated to resist warping or buckling. By offering VinylSafe® paint colors, customers are provided with an incredible array of color choices to create the ideal look of their home.

To find more information about J. Wright’s collaborations with high-quality vendors, visit Our Partnerships page. Interested in building your new custom home with J. Wright Building Company? Contact us today to get started!

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  • Hi, can you please tell me the SW colors of paint on the exterior of the Hoover on the Lake home? Thank you

  • In the first picture with emerald green, what is the stain used on the shutters and front posts? What is the color of the paint?

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