Employee Feature: Jenna Sisson

Interior Designer Jenna SissonOur team takes great pride in our work and the design process we offer for our clients, which is led by Interior Designer Jenna Sisson. Jenna came to J. Wright Building Company in September 2020 after graduating from Radford University, where she received a degree in interior design.

During a typical week, Jenna’s schedule is always changing depending on the progress of her work with each client. On some days, Jenna meets with clients to aid them in the process of improving their vision to create a thoughtful and cohesive space.

When she’s not working with clients, Jenna works with our vendors to receive quotes, issue purchase orders on behalf of clients, and handle any issues that may arise such as products initially selected being discontinued, quotes being over budget, and more.

As a recent college graduate, Jenna feels pressure to prove herself, which has only pushed her to be more creative and hard-working. What she loves about working at J. Wright Building Company is her work companions, which includes her dog Hudson who accompanies her into work, and the constant shift that every day at work brings. Although a challenging part of her job is keeping up with multiple client jobs, she finds her role most rewarding when she guides a client in the right direction to find their vision for their dream home.

Jenna believes it’s important for her clients to know that being an interior designer is about more than having good taste. As a designer, she is trained to create cohesive and beautiful spaces for any style. Although many of Jenna’s clients have a different style than her own, she is able to help them achieve their vision because of her education in design.

Since working at J. Wright Building Company, her favorite completed project has been the new office building, because she loves going to work in a space that she played a part in designing!

In her free time, Jenna enjoys going to the gym after work and spending time with her dog, as well as exploring Birmingham on the weekend with friends by going on a hike or trying out a new brewery.

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