Custom Southern Eclectic Build in Birmingham!

In the realm of luxury living, there exists a residence that transcends the ordinary, inviting occupants into a world where opulence meets functionality. Join us on an enchanting journey through a custom-built home that boasts not only an exquisite kitchen, a well-appointed scullery, and a wine cellar that would make connoisseurs swoon but also a custom-designed pool that doubles as an oasis and an upstairs sanctuary dedicated to the joy and laughter of grandchildren.

The Culinary Masterpiece:

Our exploration begins in the heart of the home—the kitchen. This is not just a space for culinary endeavors; it is a symphony of design, innovation, and functionality. The kitchen is a gourmet haven equipped with a side-by-side Subzero refrigerator and freezer seamlessly integrated into custom cabinetry. These cabinetry panels were custom-built to achieve the client’s desired look. The mirrored panel adds more light and openness into the space.

2 side-by-side 30” La Cornue ranges are used to make a statement and functional cook space. This is complete with a custom hood vent, designed to match the range in look and finishes, providing both efficiency and a luxurious appeal! The backsplash is a natural Calcatta Marble tile with a statement gold inlay to accentuate the gold finishes throughout.

The expansive kitchen island, adorned with a matte finish Calacatta Gold Silestone quartz countertop, serves as a central hub for culinary creativity and casual dining. High-end finishes and designer fixtures add a touch of sophistication, making this kitchen not just a place for cooking but a statement of culinary luxury.

Scullery Extravaganza:

Adjacent to the kitchen lies the scullery—an unsung hero in the world of luxury living. Leading into the scullery is an antique door with finishes inspired by the kitchen range. This space is a hidden gem where the practical aspects of meal preparation are seamlessly integrated into a beautifully organized and discreet environment. Custom shelving and additional storage create a haven for keeping the kitchen clutter-free and enhancing the overall culinary experience. What makes this scullery even more unique is that the homeowner added a custom gift-wrapping station and hidden pantry!

Other Unique Kitchen Features:

For enthusiasts of fine wines, this custom home boasts a wine cellar that is adorned with antique doors. Right around the corner, a coffee bar can be found. This coffee bar features character maple cabinets, a beverage center, and a Miele built-in coffee maker.  All of these are mere steps away from the dining room that has a custom built-in China cabinet!

Poolside Paradise & Outdoor Living:

Stepping outside, the custom-designed pool beckons with promises of relaxation and recreation. This aquatic oasis is more than just a place to cool off; it is a visual masterpiece. The pool’s design seamlessly integrates with the surrounding landscape, featuring a water fall, slide, tanning ledge, grotto, elegant lighting, and a luxurious spa area.

The outdoor kitchen invites culinary delights under the shelter of a covered porch. This space is designed to entertain guests in style amidst vaulted ceilings, stunning beams, and rustic touches. An antler chandelier adds a touch of wilderness to the very open space, creating an inviting atmosphere for al fresco dining and lively gatherings. This outdoor haven is a perfect blend of comfort and sophistication, providing an idyllic setting for relaxation and entertainment.

Upstairs Joy for Grandchildren:

Ascending the stairs, we arrive at a dedicated haven for the youngest members of the family—the grandchildren. This upper floor is a celebration of playfulness and comfort. Custom-designed bedrooms adorned with custom made bunkbeds offer a fun retreat for the little ones!

A Dreamy Primary Suite:

Step into the Primary Suite, where an accent chandelier and expansive views of the backyard and pool set the tone for a space that seamlessly blends sophistication with comfort. The Primary Bath boasts an accent wallpaper that becomes a captivating focal point, drawing the eye to its carefully curated design. The character maple vanity with brass faucets adds a touch of timeless elegance to the space. Indulge in the luxury shower equipped with invigorating body jets and sleek black fixtures, and let the eye be guided through the space by the accent black tile behind the freestanding tub.

This open-concept suite ensures ample storage with the inclusion of two linen towers, allowing for both organization and accessibility. The custom closet design features dark cabinets with frosted glass, providing a sleek and modern aesthetic. The light island adds a touch of contrast, completing the ensemble of the Primary Suite – an experience where every detail, from the luxurious bath to the thoughtfully designed closet, contributes to an exceptional and comfortable primary living space.


In the world of luxury custom homes, this residence stands as a testament to thoughtful design, impeccable craftsmanship, and a commitment to creating a living experience beyond imagination. From the culinary masterpieces crafted in the kitchen to the joyous laughter echoing through the upstairs dedicated to grandchildren, every facet of this home is a celebration of opulence and functionality. It is not just a house; it is a harmonious blend of sophistication and warmth, inviting its occupants to revel in the grandeur that is truly beyond compare.

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