J Wright Building Company is a member of the Southern Living Custom Builder Program. We recently built the Altadena Park plan number #1903 as a Southern Living


We have been in our home built by Jeremy Wright and his company for almost a year. We have been so pleased with our home. The experience and expertise of Jeremy and his people allowed us to make choices and decisions in the building process. They were knowledgeable and they were patient with us, and spent much time with us as we worked on our plan and through the building period. The quality of one of Jeremy’s homes, he had previously built, was what led us to this company. Through the whole building period, we were not disappointed in that quality! Jeremy surrounds himself with that same quality in his employees, and when he says something will be done, you can count on him. Thank you J. Wright Company, for the home you have built for our family!

F. Lucas

Jeremy built our first home back in 2004, but we had to move a few years later. My family has lived in several homes since then, but we have always compared those homes to the one he built for us. He was honest, straightforward, professional and patient. The build quality was outstanding, and it instantly felt like home. We made some great memories in that home.

C. Lewis

Great Builder and a pleasure to work with. Beautiful homes!