Design Trend: Interior Colors 101

Building your dream custom home in Alabama means there’s many design choices to make throughout the process. It’s essential to consider the different details of your custom home that add to its overall essence and style. An important element to consider is the interior colors that are incorporated throughout your home. As many homeowners have spent more time at home, it’s become clear that the colors surrounding us play a large part in making a home truly feel like a personal retreat.

At J. Wright Building Company, we aim to make the design process as easy and exciting as possible for our clients. Our team guides you through the process to help you make thoughtful design choices to develop a home that matches your personal taste and preferences.

We’ve highlighted a few of the most popular interior colors and design trends for you to consider implementing into your new custom home:

Monochromatic Design

A common theme throughout our custom homes is spaces with monochromatic color schemes, utilizing different shades of one color to highlight the various elements of a living space. We’re seeing less accent walls and more spaces that are filled with one signature color that causes a grounding effect within the home. Monochromatic color schemes aid in truly tying a room together and delivering spaces with an enhanced sense of tranquility and calm.

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The monochromatic look produces a space with a seamlessly smooth visual appeal. Plus, monochromatic color schemes with darker colors visually expand the look of a room by making it appear larger than it is.

Darker Colors

To develop visual interest, darker shades such as rich grays, greens and navy are becoming more common in interior color design. These darker hues are often placed alongside brighter elements and colors such as light wood textures to create an appealing contrast. Darker hues can also be perfectly paired with other deep neutral tones for a more dramatic, elegant look.

interior design helena custom home

A current interior design trend is to create a home that provides a place of comfort and serenity, and dark colors are a great way to accomplish that. Deep hues often radiate warmth and bring a cozy, relaxing atmosphere to any room.

Earth Tones

Nature is often seen as a calming element, which makes it an excellent choice for color inspiration within the home. A popular trend is incorporating earth tones such as deep greens, blues and dark browns into a variety of spaces that act as a personal sanctuary. Whether incorporated through wall color, textiles or furniture elements, natural hues deliver the warmth that many homeowners feel provides a sense of comfort within their living areas.

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The Sherwin-Williams 2021 Color of the Year, Urbane Bronze (SW 7048), also serves as a reminder of this trend as its dark bronze shade boasts organic appeal and natural warmth. We anticipate seeing this shade, along with many earth tones similar to it, featured throughout the designs of our custom homes this year.

Finding the best interior colors for your home that suit your family is an exciting part of the custom home design process. With so many different shades and hues available, you have an amazing opportunity to customize your home and create a truly special space. Our team loves guiding you through different style and color choices to help you form the beautiful Alabama custom home you’ve been dreaming of!

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