Sherwin-Williams Announces Urban Bronze as 2021 Color of the Year

Urbane Bronze

While 2020 may not be over, Sherwin-Williams has already announced Urbane Bronze as its 2021 Color of the Year. At J. Wright Building Company, we exclusively use Sherwin-Williams for all the paints, stains and color needs in every one of our Birmingham custom homes. Every year, the top paint provider forecasts annual color trends and selects a Color of the Year complete with complementary color pairings. Based off extensive research conducted by the minds of color design experts, this annual color choice represents what can be expected in the year ahead.

Urbane Bronze (SW 7048), Sherwin-Williams’ 2021 Color of the Year, is a hue that breathes down-to-earth tranquility with its neutral warmth. Now more than ever, our homes have become our personal sanctuaries and Urban Bronze serves as a reminder of that natural simplicity. Rooted in nature, the dark bronze shade has the ability to ground a room through its organic appeal and cultivate a sense of calm within the space.

The simple versatility of Urbane Bronze is just one of the many reasons the shade was chosen as the 2021 Color of the Year. The bronze color offers a refreshing alternative to gray, as well as a wonderful compliment to it. The warm and welcoming tone pairs stunningly with a variety of natural materials and finishes such as light wood grains, rich leather, mixed metals and natural stone. In addition to these design recommendations, Sherwin-Williams also provides two color pairing suggestions: Modern Gray (SW 7632) and Messenger Bag (SW 7747).

At J.Wright Building Company, we expect to see this Urbane Bronze incorporated throughout our homes this upcoming year. While neutral, the shade works beautifully to create a focal point. Statement walls are always a popular option, but we also love the concept of a bold statement fireplace. The warmth of the dark bronze shade draws in the eyes making the idea of cozying up around it even more appealing. Other eye-catching possibilities for this shade include kitchen islands, butler’s pantries, window trim and both interior and exterior doors.

While a gorgeous accent shade, Urbane Bronze can also stand alone as an all-around wall color. When used as a primary wall color, the shade creates a stylish look that exudes elegance and sophistication. Complimenting shades of light gray add an airier, more minimalistic feel while modern greens enhance the color’s moodier undertones. Due to Urban Bronze’s organic appeal, the color also works well with biophilic elements. Therefore, using the color in light-filled spaces or alongside foliage will only enhance its natural beauty.

How would you want the Sherwin-Williams 2021 Color of the Year incorporated into your custom home? We love using Sherwin-Williams paints for our Birmingham custom home projects and trust that no matter the shade, the finished product will be exceptional in both looks and quality.

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