Creating Outdoor Kitchens in Your Custom Birmingham Home

Outdoor livingWhen you think of cooking outside, do you picture everyone crowded around a campfire with sticks held over the flames? Or maybe you think of a hot summer day with hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill and the kids in the pool. Whatever you’re thinking, we’re here to tell you that outdoor cooking has changed drastically! It is no longer limited to just summer cookouts or camping trips. When you choose to build a custom home in Birmingham with J. Wright Building Company, you know you’re working with builders that will offer the latest in functionality and design trends. Outdoor kitchens have become a big deal – so big that we’re being asked to put them in almost every home we build!

Thanks to their popularity, we’ve decided to show you how to make your outside kitchen just as practical as the inside one:

Built-In Grills

A built-in grill is the first thing you should consider when building your outdoor kitchen. A stainless-steel grill is a great option to help compete with the outdoor weather. It won’t get rusted or tarnish and you’ll be able to keep it looking spick-and-span all year. Options for these grills range from a standard Weber grill that fits into a perfectly sized nook all the way to luxury built-in grills made by top-of-the-line brands such as Broil King, Sunstone or Cal Flame.

Another feature to consider is a spot for a Big Green Egg charcoal grill. These grills are popping up in homes everywhere and their unique shape requires special consideration when designing your outdoor kitchen. At J. Wright, we have done multiple projects where we created space for both types of grills, meeting the needs of avid barbeque fanatics and grilling enthusiasts everywhere.

Prep Stations

Another feature to consider adding to your outdoor kitchen is a prep station. This can be as small as a sink next to a little bit of counter space, or can also be expanded to include a storage area and fridge. Adding in a prep station will save you from making numerous back-and-forth trips to the indoor kitchen. It will also help you save space inside. Stainless-steel appliances and fixtures will give your outdoor prep area a clean and modern look while also being practical for outdoor use.

Covered Cooking Area

One way to ensure you can cook during all types of weather is to make your outdoor kitchen covered. Adding an overhead covering to your area will not only create a beautiful and cohesive cooking spot, but it will also guarantee you can cook outside during rain or shine. You can also consider a screened option or the addition of fans and heaters to help utilize your outdoor kitchen during the warmest or coldest days of the year.

When you take the time and money to build your beautiful custom Birmingham home, you want to be sure it incorporates every feature your heart desires. Say goodbye to outdoor living that is only useful for a few activities, and hello to a functional kitchen that can be used for nearly every meal and in any weather! Visit our Pinterest page for custom home ideas or go to for more information on how to begin the process of building your custom home in Birmingham.

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