Adding Unique Kitchen Appliances to Your Custom Home in Birmingham

custom kitchen in IrondaleChoosing appliances is an important step during the homebuilding process, but perhaps even more so when building a custom home. Building a custom home allows you to have a much bigger say during the homebuilding process, appliance preferences included. While appliance selection may seem like a minute detail, appliances can add a lot to the personality and functionality of the home. Knowing the appliance options that are available can help you figure out what you might like to incorporate into your own. Here are a few of the top appliance trends we’re seeing right now in custom homebuilding:

Retro Appliances

Vintage styles are making a comeback in fashion, décor and more, and now they are finding their way into the kitchen in the form of brightly colored and uniquely designed retro appliances. While authentically restored retro appliances do exist, there are also several replica options that offer the retro look with the cutting-edge technology of modern-day appliances. Smeg, one of the country’s leading home appliance manufactures, specializes in creating 1950s inspired appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines and several smaller kitchen appliances. As decorative as they are functional, these distinct pieces are a great way to add some funky period charm and nostalgia to an otherwise modern home. Another popular appliance vendor, Big Chill, has an entire Retro line offering nine standard, traditionally retro colors including Beach Blue, Buttercup Yellow and Turquoise, or choose from an impressive collection of custom colors that can perfectly coordinate with your design scheme.

Paneled Appliances

Appliance finishes tend to come and go out of style, leaving homes outdated and homeowners struggling to keep up with the latest trends. Larger appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers are the most noticeable appliances in any kitchen and can detract attention away from the rest of the room, especially when outdated. Paneled appliances allow you to hide away larger appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers by creating a paneled look that perfectly coordinates with the kitchen cabinetry. This seamless, custom option of panel-ready appliances allows for a more consistent and streamlined look that maintains its visual appeal for the years to come.

Custom Appliances

One of the biggest perks of building a custom home in Birmingham is the ability to create a living space that accommodates your needs and personal style. Have a coffee connoisseur in the household? A custom espresso machine might be a nice addition to the kitchen. Looking for a microwave alternative for preparing quick and healthy meals? Jump on the steam oven trend and incorporate one in your own custom kitchen. When building a custom home, the possibilities are endless!

The ability to customize appliances when building a Birmingham custom home is a luxury that can drastically transform the style and convenience of the home. At J. Wright Building Company, we offer a range of appliance options in order to accommodate our customers unique building and design preferences.

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