A Customer-Focused Building Process: What Makes J. Wright Building Company Different

At J. Wright Building Company, we strive to offer a unique experience for clients in every way possible. Our process begins with you, the customer, and remains focused on your individual needs throughout the entire process.

A common issue discussed between a custom home builder and the client is funding. Our exclusive funding process serves to eliminate stress from the financial aspect of building. We fund our own jobs with just a percentage down upfront from homeowners. The balance isn’t due until the completion of your home.

As with any big project, it’s easier to tackle if you follow a plan. The same goes for building a home. Rather than watching our buyers become overwhelmed by the enormity of it all, we have created a step-by-step process to guide you from decision to design to moving day.

We start with your detailed ideas about what you envision in your dream home and how you and your family will use it. We also discuss any specific features or design ideas you have that you’d like to incorporate into your home plan. After that, we strive to create a truly custom home, designed specifically with you in mind, from the ground up. The end goal is a home that uniquely fits your individual needs, ideas and budget. Whether you want that double shower, a working pantry, or a one-of-a-kind outdoor space, we can transform your dreams into a reality.

Next, we present our preliminary home design to you and discuss pricing and needed changes. Then, while we work on finalizing the plan, budget, build timeline and specifications, you meet with our interior design team to start what can be the most exciting yet stressful part of the process – making material and color selections with our interior designer. Once all of these pieces are woven together, we present the final plans, build sheet, budget and specifications to you, our client, for approval.

The next part of the process is perhaps the least exciting part for our customers, and one that we understand can be stressful. We work with you to perform a pre-construction appraisal and get final loan approval from your lender. Once everything is approved and earnest money or collateral has been secured, we go through the zoning and HOA approval process if needed, and get all of the appropriate building, sewer and additional permits that are required to start the actual build.

At this point in the process, construction officially begins, and you will once again meet with our interior designer to make final selections for the interior of your home, including lighting and appliances. Once construction is well underway, you’ll be able to come onsite prior to drywall to meet with our team and finalize the electrical layout.

Finally, as the project nears its end, and you get closer to moving day, we’ll schedule a home orientation, finalize a punch list and complete last-minute touch-ups, and then get your acceptance on the home. From there, we’ll go to closing, where you transfer the title to you and you become a new homeowner!

Throughout our design and build process, our team gives you their undivided attention, guidance and direction, while also being sure to take your needs and vision into careful consideration. You can rest-assured knowing that we have systems in place to keep the project on schedule and on budget, and they will have a contractor team whose focus is the timely completion of the project and complete satisfaction.

If you’re ready to start your custom home in Birmingham, our team is available to answer questions and provide more detailed information on the services we offer. To contact us, visit jwrightbuildingcompany.com.

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