A Fashionable Home for Fido

Southern Living Doghouse PlanYou have a beautiful home full of comforts and unique spaces to call your own. Now isn’t it time for man’s best friend and your most loyal companion to have one of his or her own? J. Wright Building Company has you covered! Southern Living Custom Builder Program member and owner of J. Wright Building Company, Jeremy Wright created the perfect Dogtrot plan (#1953) with canine comfort in mind.

This exclusive design was inspired by the style of homes originally popular in Appalachia. The south is known for its intense summer heat, and this layout is ideal for keeping dogs of all sizes and ages cool and comfortable. A breezeway between the rooms (the dogtrot) ensures your fur babies are buffeted by breezes, and operable front windows maximize airflow. In cooler months, the breezeway doors and front windows can close to keep out bustling drafts.

Just like in a custom home for your family, versatility was an important factor when creating the Dogtrot plan. As a homeowner, and pet owner, you don’t want to invest your time and money in something and not be able to use it later. Jeremy designed this plan to be high function and low maintenance for that reason.

With two separate rooms sized to fit a large dog bed in each, this unique plan can house one or two lovable canines. Plus, the house is designed to let humans move in and out easily. This spectacular plan can also double as a child’s backyard playhouse thanks to the 44-inch door openings and functional front porch.

Each year, our pets are becoming more and more pampered. From dog grooming to vet bills to treats and clothes, it’s estimated that Americans will spend more than $60 billion on their pets this year, according to the American Pet Products Association. The Dogtrot plan is affordable, functional and offers a nice architectural addition to your backyard.

Nothing says “I love you” like a comfortable, beautiful home, even for Fido! The Dogtrot plan look like a real home and it’s as comfortable and roomy as one, too. This sturdy home is built to withstand all weather patterns and ensure safety of your furry friend. If you’re interested in learning more about this stylish plan, visit at jwrightbuildingcompany.com  or visit Southern Living online.

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