Smartphones and Watches and Houses, Oh My!

Smart Home featuresAlthough it’s only September, we know everyone is already starting to look ahead and get ideas for the best Christmas presents for the whole family. Homeowners are looking into adding upgraded technology to their homes, making it the best and most up to date. These advancements are not only on Christmas lists but also in the plans for brand-new custom-built homes. At J. Wright Building Company, we are always on top of the latest trends, and we love to share those trends with you! That’s why we put together a list of our favorite smart home features to give you a few ideas for your future custom home.

Temperature Control

Save money, live comfortably and remain efficient with smart features like temperature control. Instead of manually programming your thermostat and having to change it frequently as the weather changes, or just adjusting it randomly throughout each day and night, invest in smart home temperature control. With features like long-term programming and memory recognition, this asset can help keep your home comfortable all hours of the day. They also work to only move the temperature when necessary, optimizing for maximum efficiency and energy savings!

Automatic Locks

Automatic locks are another great smart home feature to incorporate into your home. This useful tool allows you to access locks from smartphones, pin pads or touch recognition. The days of panicking over locked doors are over! If you think you might’ve forgotten to lock the door, just hop on the app and double-check! This is also a great way to give others access to your home when you aren’t around. Don’t worry about leaving the key under the mat or making copies of spare keys. Automatic locks will give you peace of mind and easy access to your home when needed.

Video Doorbells

While you’re installing an automatic lock to your front door, go ahead and put a video doorbell up as well! Surveillance systems of all shapes and sizes are popping up in homes everywhere. Not only are they a great deterrent for anyone up to no good, but they are also a great way to check up on your home when you aren’t around. Whether you’re gone for a week or just at work for the day, always have access to your front door. You can even use it for spying on package deliveries or mail drop-offs! With features such as movement detection and automatic playback, never miss a beat with your smart home.

Add all these smart features and more into your brand-new custom J. Wright Building Company home. We want to give you the latest and greatest in home design, as well as technological perks! Adding them in as you build your home allows you to connect more devices with ease, saving you time and money on installation fees later. To find out how to get started building your new home in Birmingham with today’s top smart home features, visit

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