New Custom Home Design Trends for the New Year

custom home design trends

We started 2022 with a bang, and that excitement continues as we explore new home design trends on the horizon! The best part about owning a custom home in Alabama is filling it with the designs that truly suit your style. We’re so excited to continue creating dream homes for our clients filled with the latest, cutting-edge interior designs!

What’s next up in home design? Well, to find some insight on the latest trends taking the lead this year, we looked to our Interior Designer Jenna Sisson to predict the styles our custom homeowners will love! She plays an important role in helping our clients refine their vision to create custom homes with thoughtfully crafted details that perfectly fits their unique taste.

Take a look at the home design trends we expect to see this year in our custom home creations!

More Monochromatic Spaces

Monochromatic spaces are quickly rising in popularity within our Alabama custom homes. Although we previously focused on contrasting color designs, we are now seeing different shades of the same color being used in a space to create a bold, striking look.

custom owner's suite bath home design trends

“This trend allows designers to create a colorful space without the intense contrast that used to be so popular,” said Jenna. Monochromatic color schemes often create serene, cozy spaces while also delivering a distinctive atmosphere that sets your custom home’s interior apart.

Greater Use of Color

Here’s our verdict – neutral shades are out, and diverse color schemes are in! “Many homeowners are tired of the all-white and neutral looks and are ready to re-invite color back into their homes,” said Jenna.

custom kitchen design

In many of our custom homes, we’re seeing bold uses of color come into play, and we only expect that trend to continue rising in popularity this year! Using various color palettes is an exciting way to create different atmospheres in each space and add a unique flair to your custom home.

Placing Focus on Ceiling Design

Ceilings are destined to be a major focal point for interior spaces this year. Ceilings are often overlooked, but the dramatic impact of an interesting ceiling design is undeniable!

Jenna says, “As designers, we refer to it as ‘the fifth wall’ and want to give it just as much, if not more, attention as the rest of the space. With social media and access to view designs online, homeowners are more aware of the importance of the ceiling design and know to ask for it in their home.”

custom ceiling design

Ceiling treatments have the incredible power to expand, refine and add a touch of luxury to your home’s interior design. From coffered and vaulted to tray and wood beamed, our custom homes include thoughtful ceiling designs that coordinate well with each room’s features and details to create spaces with a unified style.

Replacing Hardwood with Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Another fantastic home design trend worth adding to your custom home must-haves list is luxury vinyl plank (LVP) floors. This flooring style is highly sought-after in today’s homes, replacing hardwood floors with a product that offers the same luxurious look with greater durability and affordability.

Jenna says, “Previously, there was a stigma behind not using true hardwood floors, but as products have improved and offered an inexpensive way to achieve the exact same look, people are much more open to it.”

custom great room

LVP is a fantastic solution for our custom homeowners who have pets or young children, or even for those who just want to save on flooring. This flooring type is also waterproof, which makes it perfect for the warmer, more humid climates that are a common aspect of southern living.

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