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custom mudroomLet’s talk paint colors for your brand-new custom home in Alabama! There’s a broad range of hues to choose from, and it can be overwhelming to select the perfect colors to make your house become a place that truly reflects your style. To get you started, we’d like to show you some of the top trending paint shades that may catch your eye!

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We’re going to delve into the color hues taking the design world by storm, and maybe even inspire you to include some of these gorgeous shades in your new custom home!


One thing is for sure and that is that green is likely to become a highly common shade in 2022. Several leading paint providers, including our very own vendor Sherwin-Williams, have declared shades of gray-green to be the perfect hue for the coming year.

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These gray-green tones are soothing, subtle shades that can easily be integrated into various spaces within your new home. It also fits well into different design styles including modern organic, postmodernism and art deco. This sophisticated shade is ideal for creating spaces that feel both nourishing yet stylishly elevated.

Nature-Inspired Neutrals

Continuing the trend of earth-toned organic colors, many design experts foresee nature-inspired hues taking over the look of our homes. Not only is gray-green making leaps in popularity, but greens of all undertones and shades are trending as many seek to incorporate the calming energy of nature into their homes.

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While some popular shades of green may be lighter to deliver a more energizing feel, darker hues will offer a sense of tranquility and peace. No matter the shades that you favor, each is sure to give a look that is both bold, yet adaptable for any space of your home. If you enjoy green hues, we recommend also incorporating natural materials throughout, as well as additional earth-toned shades of brown or beige.

Citrus Hues

As many homeowners desire to warm their homes, citrus hues such as citron yellow and chartreuse are also on the rise. While these colors also evoke the peaceful sentiments of natural elements, they also offer an uplifting, vivacious glow perfect for enlivening common spaces where our homeowners entertain.

Although these colors may not integrate well with every shade, they provide a more energizing alternative to traditional, grounded neutrals. However, we think these refreshing hues would go well with shades of cream, as well as wood materials.


Also chosen by various top paint providers, blue is making a notable appearance among the top trending colors. The popular shades of blue range from a warm blue-gray to a softer blue-green that showcases a lighter feel.

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Another 2022 shade chosen by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams is a gray-blue, reminiscent of washed-out indigo. This hue offers a balanced, restful tone that is best for common areas including family rooms and kitchens, as well as private spaces such as bathrooms and bedrooms. The comforting shade pairs well with off-white and tan, and it also produces a stunning look alongside neutral textiles and wood tones.

Lighter blue-green shades are also predicted to make an appearance next year. These hues also possess a connection to nature as it is evocative of coastal elements and sparkling clear waters. Homeowners can create different looks with these colors depending on the materials they choose to blend alongside it within their home. While choosing hues of cream, taupe and natural wood tones creates soothing energy, blending the shade with bold accent colors of black or white can create a striking look.

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Choosing the perfect hues is a fun way to make your custom home your own and establish the ideal style aesthetic you’ll love coming home to. Our team enjoys exploring fitting paint colors for our homeowners during their custom home design process, and we always strive to make the journey as exciting as possible!

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