As a Custom Home Builder in Birmingham, We Choose Sherwin-Williams

new custom home in Helena ALOur team takes great pride in our work and we believe every homebuyer should truly love their home inside and out. From the selection of materials to the paint on the walls, we ensure that attention to the finest details is our main focus. As a luxury custom home builder in Birmingham, we are proud to use Sherwin-Williams paint colors in all our custom homes. Sherwin-Williams has been a leader in paint technology for over 150 years and is also a sponsor of the Southern Living Custom Builder Program, a network of some of the finest custom home builders in the South that we’re proud to be part of.

At J. Wright building company, we choose the best-of-the-best for our custom homes and that begins with the exterior and interior paint choices. Painting is an investment we make for our homebuyers – in time, money and labor. A high-quality coating starts with ingredients that allow paint to apply more easily, look better and last longer. When it comes to selecting paint, quality does matter and that’s why we choose to work with Sherwin-Williams.

custom home with luxury paint in Helena AL

Each year, top paint manufacturers name a Color of the Year that they feel will best represent the upcoming year. For 2019, Sherwin-Williams unveiled Cavern Clay (SW 7701) as the color of choice. The warm, earthy terracotta shade that’s “a nod to midcentury modern style, but with the soul of the American Southwest,” according to the company, sets the tone for a desert modern aesthetic, and has ancient, elemental roots.

“We believe 2019 will be a renaissance of the 1970s, with a twist,” states Sue Wadden, Director of Color Marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “In the coming year, we will embrace our pioneering spirits and artisan ingenuity. Our 2019 Color of the Year, Cavern Clay, embodies renewal, simplicity and free-spirited, bohemian flair.” The color is a part of the Wanderer Color Journal that was announced earlier this year in Sherwin-Williams’s 2019 Colormix® Color Forecast.

birmingham custom homeWhen paired with the right colors, Cavern Clay works as a timeless backdrop for a variety of styles in all rooms. Sherwin-Williams suggests pairing Cavern Clay with neutrals Moth Wing (SW 9174) or Dark Clove (SW 9183) for a carefree yet sophisticated look. To embrace popular 70s color palettes with a refreshed approach, try a dusty denim blue or even an avocado color. Sherwin-Williams also says that the earthy hue can be both casual and refined, such as when making it the backdrop of a dining room or kitchen and pairing it with bright tiles, warm stone and sculptural greenery. While not your typical Southern farmhouse colors, these color combinations can be a fun way to add color into a room in your home, such as in a powder bath, the laundry room, or a sunroom or solarium.

In terms of interior house painting, we use Sherwin-Williams’ Cashmere paint. Cashmere is a unique, ultra-smooth, high-hiding interior latex paint that offers a non-sticky application and provides a silky, high-end finish in flat enamel or low to medium luster. What sets Cashmere apart from the competition is its rich finish, great durability and room-enhancing sheen. Cashmere does not have the same sheens as other paint lines and even when paired with glossier sheens, it produces a smooth, flawless finish.

Dark Green Rustic Lake Home Design-1

For exterior paint, we use the top-of-the-line Resilience Exterior with MoistureGuard™ Technology. Resilience offers the best hide of any paint on the market which makes it the most durable and easy to apply. The smooth finish not only makes it great for the general exterior of a home, but it is also perfect to use on architectural details like decorative moldings, columns and doors. Unlike traditional exterior coatings, Resilience Paint from Sherwin-Williams has the ability to dry fast and resist moisture in only two hours. It also comes in a variety of finishes, providing flexibility in both the finish and applicability of the paint.

Color is a powerful tool. It can bring your home together, make a room feel rejuvenating, and lend a feeling of anything from whimsy to modernity. The rich history, top-quality products and large variety of paint finishes and colors are just a few reasons we choose Sherwin-Williams as our paint vendor. Learn more about our process and select vendors at

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    • The lap siding is Sherwin Williams Eclipse, Shakes are Connected Gray and the trim is Black Fox

    • The lap siding is Sherwin Williams Eclipse, Shakes are Connected Gray and the trim is Black Fox

  • Is SW Cashmere mentioned above used primarily on the interior walls or is it also used on trim and moldings.

  • Hard to believe that’s Eclipse on the siding. It looks so much darker on the SW color palette. The color on the siding in the photo is what I’m after. Is the color in the photo a close representation of what it looks like in person, or is it darker? Thanks.

  • Can you please tell me what you used on the porch collums and the shutters?Are the front and back doors painted or stained and what color are they? Thank You!

  • Can you tell me what color the windows are?? I cannot tell if they are black or dark gray?? Were they painted or ordered in that color??

  • I keep seeing this house pop up on Pinterest and we are making a lot of our selections based on this home. I called to find out what stone is used and have not heard back. I would love to know, as we are having a hard time choosing the best stone for our house.

  • What is the name of the stain that was used on the wooden part of the house?
    Thank you,
    Cindy Bradford

  • What color of stain or paint is the front door of this gorgeous home? We are building a home right now and replicating everything on the outside. Just can’t figure out the front door color.

  • Were you happy with these exterior colors? We are getting ready to paint and I am nervous about colors. Greens have can so many undertones. Do not want yellow undertones. Would you recommend these colors? Do you have additional house pictures you can send with these specific colors?

  • I am in agreement with all comments – and wonder why is it that the actual paint color# is not included on some of the answers. I like some of the interest people above will like to purchase the colors on the picture without guessing ,names and visual does not match LOL

  • We are renovating my husband grandparents house. We used Hardie siding and painted it with the Eclipse green and trimmed it with the Black Fox paint. We absolutely love the colors together and can’t wait to add the porch across the front of the house using the stain color on the post.

  • Are the stack stone skirt a commercially available product? If so, what color are they? They are a beautiful detail of this house! Kudos! Gorgeous..

  • For everyone concerned with the paint color – I purchased a quart of SW Eclipse and SW Black Fox and put each one on slats of siding, outside in natural daylight. They are the same colors as this house when outside in natural daylight. Brought inside the house, they appear very dark. It’s all about lighting.

  • Thank you for this post and answering questions , I am interested in the stone work is this a stone veneer ? name of color and company please . Thank you !

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