Why We Choose Wellborn Cabinetry

custom cabinetry by WellbornAt J. Wright Building Company, we pride ourselves on providing the best products available when we build a new custom home in Birmingham. We have developed a list of trusted vendors that we consider our partners in the building process. We know their products won’t disappoint us or our customers. Wellborn is one of the trusted vendors that we turn to for our cabinetry needs.

In 1961, a small group of skilled experts began supplying local builders with unique quality cabinetry. Today, the small family-owned cabinet shop in Ashland, Ala. has grown to fill a 1.8 million square foot facility producing a wide range of quality cabinetry options for homeowners. Due to advanced technology and exceptional cabinetry craftsmanship, Wellborn offers dozens of finishes, styles, materials and sized to choose from based on the buyer’s needs and preferences.

When designing kitchens and bathrooms for new homes, we love the style and beauty that Wellborn products bring to the home. Their exclusive series for kitchen and baths allows homeowners to create exactly what they want. Homeowners can even customize the closet! We use a variety of different Wellborn products in our homes depending on the homeowner’s preference and budget.

Cabinetry is the most prominent and defining feature in many rooms of your new home. Finding the perfect style that fits your needs, as well as the style of the home, is not an easy task. Wellborn offers six product lines that each offer exclusive detail; Home Concepts, Select, Premier, Estate, Elegant Bath and Wellborn Closets.

crafted cabinets by Wellborn in a Southern Living custom home

Home Concepts is the entry-level line that is ideal for new home construction. The cabinets in this line offer high quality at an affordable price, along with plenty of design variation to choose from. The Select series offers a variety of mid-range cabinets for homeowners building a new home. In this series, buyers will find the perfect combination of style and affordability with added customization options and a wider variety of design, style and wood. The Premier Series is the ultimate-luxury series for buyers who want great style, quality and can spend a few extra dollars to get it. Even the most unique preferences can be catered to with the Premier Series. The Wellborn Estate Collection is the cabinet line that gives buyers the most flexibility with ultimate customization and a lifetime warranty. This series offers the “You Draw It” program that allows buyers to bring any concept that can be drawn and turn it into reality. The Elegant Bath and Wellborn Closets collections give buyers the same flexibility and customization they get in the staple rooms of their home, only in bathrooms and closets!

Over the years, Wellborn has made a name for itself by providing nothing but the best cabinetry. No matter which product line, features or finishes you choose for your new home, you can guarantee there is a team behind it that cares about your comfort and the quality of their products. At J. Wright Building Company, we relate deeply to Wellborn’s philosophies and we strive to provide only the best for our homeowners. Visit us online today to see how we incorporate Wellborn products into our custom homes, jwrightbuildingcompany.com.

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