Why Should You Build a Custom Home?

custom home in Chelsea ALBuilding a custom home sounds like an out-of-reach luxury reserved for the most expensive homes. Yet many J. Wright homebuyers find that a custom home is the best way to get what they want. Money is not the only consideration. Selecting a custom home means our homebuyers move into the home they love, saving time and expense.

Getting the Home of Your Dream on the First Try

Homebuyers who choose a custom home love having the home they want and need as soon as they move in. All homebuyers have a pre-design meeting where they tell us how they’ll use their home, their requirements, and their budget. The next step is a design review, where they tell us if we got it right or have us send it back to the drawing board.

kitchen in a custom home in Alabama

After the design is correct, they go to the interior design stage, where they select all of the finishes and colors they prefer alongside our in-house interior designer, Jenna Sisson. This vital step ensures their home will look and feel the way they want, with no need for updates after move-in.

Controlling Costs

When their home is complete, custom homebuyers find it is exactly what they wanted. There’s no need to come in and move walls, paint rooms, replace lighting, or spruce up the trim. Instead, they save the time and money they would have spent to get their home just right if they’d purchased an existing home or even a semi-custom new construction home.

great room in a custom home in AL

Many homebuyers of non-custom or existing homes are surprised at the unexpected costs that arise after purchase. These may come from the changes required to make the home look and live as they prefer, as opposed to having unexpected repairs and maintenance costs, particularly with existing homes.

Instead, homebuyers avoid all but basic maintenance expenses with a brand-new custom home.

Taking the Easy Way

It’s generally accepted that buying, building, or renovating a home can be a stressful experience, especially when couples or entire families must agree on the decisions. Unfortunately, the anxieties continue long past the closing table for homebuyers who purchase a home and then go through renovation or design updates.

At J Wright, we pride ourselves on removing the stresses of building a home. Our professional builders and design team put their experience to work to make the entire process easy. They are skilled at guiding homebuyers step by step, from site selection through the final walkthrough.

And since the final product is exactly as homebuyers want it, they don’t have to stress over future changes.

See our process and designs to learn more about J Wright Building Company’s custom homebuilding process. Then, when you’re ready, we’re eager to build the home you want at your price point.

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