Southern Living’s Latest Plant and Design Trends for Your Custom Home

20 Squires Glenn Ln Home Front ExteriorAs a Southern Living Custom Builder, J. Wright Building Company works hard to stay apprised of the latest home design trends. With the rise of nature-inspired décor, our team takes inspiration from Southern Living, including the company’s passion for plant design and garden trends. Below are a few tips to help homeowners transform their custom homes into beautiful, welcoming spaces.


Low-Light Favorites & Biophilic Design

A trend that has recently grown in popularity, Southern Living regularly features a rotating list of low-light favorite plants perfect for indoor spaces, such as a ZZ plant, pothos and snake plants. These green selections bring life and natural colors into the home, as well as improve air quality!

Searching for ways to make your indoor plants shine? Biophilic design is an environmental, architectural style that emphasizes a building’s natural qualities and further enhances the natural beauty of indoor plants. The style seeks to mimic an outdoor environment’s shapes, textures and colors to make occupants feel more in tune with nature.

Keystones of biophilic design include large windows and skylights, natural materials such as wood, stone and bamboo, natural color selections, water features, outdoor living spaces, natural patterns and the introduction of indoor plants.

118 Morris Blvd Home Front Exterior

Eye-Catching Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is essential in Southern garden design, and Southern Living has a showstopping list of fast-growing plants to create instant curb appeal! These plants include the Knockout rose, crepe myrtle and Leyland cypress. It’s also important to consider seasonal color by planning plants that bloom at different times of the year.

Create instant curb appeal by using them to frame your front door, to create a natural fence or border and layering different types of plants to create depth and interest.

Porch & Patio Pizzazz

Creating a welcoming and beautiful outdoor space is just as important as indoor design! The Southern Living team has the perfect list of plant installations for your porch and patio. These plants include ferns, impatiens and geraniums.

Transform your porch and patio by introducing hanging baskets, placing blooms near furniture arrangements or framing outdoor dining or seating areas.

20 Squires Glenn Ln Front Porch

Creative Container Gardens

Container gardens are another versatile and stylish way to incorporate plants into your custom home design. The J. Wright Building Company team takes inspiration from the experts at Southern Living to find fun container garden ideas, including vintage containers, vertical gardens and fresh herb beds. The best way to create a thriving container garden is to incorporate a variety of plants with different textures and heights and a few annuals that only bloom once. Remember to pair plants with similar water and sun needs!

Connect with J. Wright Building Company today to build your dream home, where you can incorporate the latest plant and design trends inspired by tips from Southern Living! Call 205-820-0100 or online to speak with a team member.

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