Painting the Picture: The Importance of Paint Quality

Sherwin-Williams Paint Quality If you know J. Wright Building Company, you know that we love Sherwin-Williams. In fact, we source our paint exclusively from them. We do this not only because we agree with the values the company holds, but because the professionals at Sherwin-Williams make high quality paint. When painting your precious home, it is best to use the highest quality paint, even if it comes at a higher cost. Why? Because high-quality paint will provide a plethora of benefits, some of which we’ve outlined below:

Easy application

You’ve probably been there; you add yet another coat of paint to a wall and the job still looks uneven and you can’t seem to eliminate those pesky roller and brush marks! Because J. Wright Building Company uses the highest quality paint, we can apply fewer coats and achieve that even application and smooth look with ease.


At J. Wright Building Company, we don’t want you to have to go back and do touch-ups on your paint just a few years down the road. Lesser quality paints will chip and crack and peel (oh my!) within a few years. The paint we select is durable and ensures that you don’t have to break out the brushes and rollers anytime soon, if anytime at all.

Stain and scrub resistant

Top-notch paint won’t soak up stains. This will make your walls easier to clean when disaster hits. However, when life happens and someone takes a magic marker to your walls that require scrubbing, the high-quality paint will not be damaged or wear off – it will stay right where it is supposed to be.

Mildew resistant

No one wants mildew in their home; however, going for the cheaper paint is almost certainly welcoming it in. The paint used by J. Wright Building Company has quality agents in it that resist mildew so your home can be free of this unwanted guest. This is especially important in places like bathrooms where it tends to get extra steamy!

Fade Resistant

Lower quality paint will fade, whereas the Sherwin-Williams paint we use will keep its color for years and years. Your paint will look as good as it did on the day of its application – that is the power of good paint! You will always have that freshly painted look when you use good, high-quality paint.

So, did we do a good job painting the picture for you? J. Wright Building Company invests in the best paint because we are dedicated to honoring the investment you are making in trusting us with your home. Learn more about our commitment to working with the highest quality vendors by visiting Our Partnerships page. Or, contact us to learn more about building your dream home in Alabama!

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