Customize Your Home for the Holidays

KitchenIt’s no surprise that purchasing a new home is a big deal. It is one of the largest investments you will ever make and there are few things in life that will provide a bigger thrill than moving into a new home. You can make that experience even more special by building a custom home, which allows you to choose the look, location and unique features you want for your home, from the biggest elements to the smallest details. When you chose to build a custom home in Birmingham, you’re creating an exclusive living space that will serve your family’s needs for years to come.

One of the many ways a custom home can be specially designed for your family is through details that make both everyday living and special occasions perfect for your family. Host Thanksgiving at your home every year? Design a custom plan with an oversized dining room that will fit an expansive table so everyone can be together. Do you love to host parties? Your home can be customized to include multiple gathering spaces, as well as hidden spaces perfect for behind-the-scenes prep work, like a custom pantry.

Here are a few different ways you can incorporate custom details int your home that will make it even more convenient for the holidays:

Additional Outlets

When selecting luxurious features for your custom home, additional electrical outlets may not immediately come to mind. However, this is one convenient feature that will come in handy all year round! Having additional outlets in your kitchen, bathrooms, living room and even outdoor living spaces will make your life a breeze when it comes to the holiday season. Adding outlets and USB ports to your mantel, under cabinets, and in other unexpected spots will easily keep you and guests plugged in, while also preventing the addition of extension cords around your house as you add lighted trees, garland and other festive décor.

2017 Birmingham Parade Home

Built-in Shelving

While built-in shelving is a common element in many homes, designing your own space provides an opportunity to get experimental! Including built-in desks, tables and bookshelves gives you the chance to create the organization you want and get a sleek, streamlined design at the same time. Plus, you can customize your storage spaces to include built-on shelving unique to each space, whether you want a gifting closet that holds all of your gift wrapping and party supplies, or a closet with reinforced shelving perfect for storing all of your holiday décor.

Hidden Areas

custom pantry in a new custom home

Hidden pantries are becoming more popular for additional food prep and storage space. There are many options available when creating a hidden pantry. We recently completed a custom home for a client whose life is spent in the cooking industry. In her home, she desired a large pantry with plenty of storage and prep space. This glam area featured custom black nearly floor-to-ceiling cabinetry with crystal fixtures, a built-in wine refrigerator, sink, under-cabinet lighting and plenty of counter and storage space. This is the perfect place to do all of the “dirty work” associated with prepping for parties or get togethers that you don’t want your guests to see, but it doesn’t make our client feel like she’s hiding in an industrial kitchen – instead, she’s in her glamourous personal workspace!

Another hidden gem in a home that many clients never think about is a central vacuum. Installing a whole house vacuum will make cleaning-up after guests and holiday décor easy! New home must-haves are all about convenience, and a central vacuum is a simple way to maintain a tidy home.

Dual Master

Accessibility is always in style. Adding dual owner’s suites to your floor plans and keeping one master on the ground level is a trendy feature to consider when building a custom home in Birmingham. Building a home that can easily accommodate guests during the holidays can make your life easier and enhance value, and having a private suite for out-of-town guests that may stay awhile will help everyone enjoy the holiday season!

Smart Home

Smart technology is a staple of dream home interiors. When designing your custom home, plan ahead to incorporate home automation technology, such as programmable thermostats and WiFi-controlled lights, locks and security systems. These features are beneficial on a variety of levels, and can include everything from security features to entertaining features, like colored lights that “dance” to the tune of music played in your home!

When you choose to build a custom home in Birmingham, you get the chance to think about all these unique features that make life more convenient. When you build a custom home with J. Wright Building Company, know that you can expect nothing but the best experience with this Birmingham home builder. To learn more about J. Wright Building Company, visit our website, If you’re ready to start your dream custom home project, contact us today by calling 205-820-0100. Happy Holidays!

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