Customize Your Home for the Holidays

KitchenIt’s no surprise that purchasing a new home is a big deal. It is one of the largest investments you will ever make and there are few things in life that will provide a bigger thrill than moving into a new home. You can make that experience even more special by building a custom home, which allows you to choose the look, location and unique features you want for your home, from the biggest elements to the smallest details. When you chose to build a custom home in Birmingham, you’re creating an exclusive living space that will serve your family’s needs for years to come.

One of the many ways a custom home can be specially designed for your family is through details that make both everyday living and special occasions perfect for your family. Host Thanksgiving at your home every year? Design a custom plan with an oversized dining room that will fit an expansive table so everyone can be together. Do you love to host parties? (more…)

Custom Kitchen Trends We’re Seeing and Loving

J Wright Kitchen with black painted islandA focal point, the place that brings everyone together and a room that expands and opens to the home – it’s easy to see why the kitchen is a dominant area of your home, especially during the holidays. Understandably, you want your kitchen to be up-to-date and easily functional, while also staying true to classic, stylish design. Below are a few of the current trends in kitchens that we’re seeing our clients add in their home. And in honor of the holidays and the fact that so many holiday and family traditions and memories begin in the kitchen, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the blog to view a collection of our teams’ favorite recipes! (more…)

All About the View on Indian Lake in Pelham

Alabama Lake HouseNothing beats the serenity and beauty of a custom home built on a private lake. One of our most recent homes was built on Indian Lake in Pelham, Alabama. The views are out of this world and there’s something so peaceful and special about the sound and sight of water.

Our amazing clients, the Stewarts, know that living on the lake is a very different experience from living anywhere else. While their home is customized to fit their lifestyle, it was also specifically designed and constructed to capture all the spectacular views of Indian Lake. When working with the Stewarts to design and build this home, our team walked the property, assessing every angle, every optimal viewpoint, and every desire of the client until we settled on the location for the home that took advantage of all the beautiful scenery and lake views. All of this was done before we ever put pen to paper to begin the architectural drawings of the home. The best way to bring the outdoors in was to maximize the views with large windows so that the owners could see the lake and nature surrounding their home. (more…)

New Home in Alabama Features One-of-a-Kind Custom Details

custom new home in Tuscaloosa, ALA long, tree-lined driveway leading to your own private round-about, surrounded by nature and plenty of backyard paradise. It sounds like a home you can only dream about. For one client in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, his dream quickly became a reality when we joined forces to create his ultimate slice of heaven in the perfect country setting!

A modern farmhouse can be a tough look to accomplish because of the many different variations and options available in today’s market. Luckily, our client knew his family’s wants, needs and preferences, and our team knew exactly how to deliver it. (more…)

Adding Southern Charm to Fall Decor with the Southern Living Plant Collection

Nandina from the Southern Living Plant CollectionPumpkins, corn stalks and hay bales are popular go-to items for festive fall décor in Birmingham. When it comes to plants, the late-season bloomer, mums, generally take the lead with their bursting colors and blooms that last for weeks. While mums may last for weeks in your new Birmingham home, they often become brown skeletons on your front porch before wintertime hits the area. The Southern Living Plant Collection offers a huge variety of fall plants (that are not mum related!) that can add life and beauty to the inside and outside of your custom Birmingham home.


Featured as Southern Living’s plant of the month and the state flower of Alabama is the brightly blooming Camellia. While Southern Living offers a diverse amount of colors, the bloom from these flowers will always brighten your fall and winter arrangements. According to the experts at Southern Living, Camellias bloom during the winter, when the weather is chilly and plants are in a dormant state. (more…)

Strong and Sure: Featuring Wood Elements in our Birmingham Custom Homes

Strong and Sure Wood ElementsWood was listed by multiple design companies and designers as a top trend for 2018, which means many of our clients this year have been right on trend! From shiplap and barn doors to wood floors and distressed beams, we’ve been incorporating wood elements into our client’s homes for years, as it’s a staple in farmhouse-style homes, but this year, we’ve seen the trend take on new life.

Here are just a few examples of how traditional wood elements have been used in one-of-a-kind ways in some of our recent Birmingham custom homebuilding projects: (more…)

Fall and Football: Creating Custom Entertaining Spaces in Your New Home

Outdoor livingWhen you step outside in the early morning hours to head to work, walk to dog or water your garden, you’ve likely noticed a reduction in humidity and a chill in the air. That means fall is coming and football season is near!

Along with fall and football season comes the desire to spend more time outdoors socializing and relaxing – from cookouts and tailgates to coffee on the porch and evening bonfires, it’s nice to be able to sit outside in the south without the humidity (or the bugs!)

When you build a new custom home in Birmingham with J. Wright Building Company, one of the many perks is being able to add truly personalized spaces to your home. (more…)

Happy Homeowner Watches Her Home Come to Life from the Ground Up

new home in BirminghamThere are tons of comparisons to consider when shopping for a new home in Birmingham. Price points, size differences, upgrades and location specifications all combine to help you determine exactly what home you want. However, sometimes there aren’t any options currently available in the market that meet those specific set of needs and wants for your new home. That’s why when Fran Lucas learned about J. Wright Building Company and experienced first-hand the quality homes we build, she knew building a custom home in Birmingham was the way to go, and this was the builder who could bring her dreams to life.

One of the hardest parts about the new construction process is trying to visualize your new home all from paper. The second hardest part is staying on budget. However, when working with J. Wright, you know you’re working with a builder who puts you, the customer, first, while also working to ensure your expectations are met, your budget is adhered to and your dream becomes real life. (more…)

Why We Choose Wellborn Cabinetry

custom cabinetry by WellbornAt J. Wright Building Company, we pride ourselves on providing the best products available when we build a new custom home in Birmingham. We have developed a list of trusted vendors that we consider our partners in the building process. We know their products won’t disappoint us or our customers. Wellborn is one of the trusted vendors that we turn to for our cabinetry needs.

In 1961, a small group of skilled experts began supplying local builders with unique quality cabinetry. Today, the small family-owned cabinet shop in Ashland, Ala. has grown to fill a 1.8 million square foot facility producing a wide range of quality cabinetry options for homeowners. Due to advanced technology and exceptional cabinetry craftsmanship, Wellborn offers dozens of finishes, styles, materials and sized to choose from (more…)

Completing Your Home with Outdoor Living Spaces

One of the perks of living in the South is being able to enjoy your outdoor living spaces nearly year-round! Depending on the type of outdoor space you have, you may actually be able to use it all year long, and in any weather. Extending the indoors to your outdoor living spaces has become even more important for home buyers, and we’re excited any time a client comes to us with great ideas for how they’ll use their outdoor space.

One of the most popular options that our clients look for is the outdoor living room, which can vary widely depending on how you want to use it. Most commonly, we create a covered porch space that includes features like an outdoor fireplace, built-in space and wiring and for an outdoor television, and of course plenty of room for dining and relaxing. Many of our buyers also choose to include options for outdoor cooking, which can range from a simple grilling space to a full-scale kitchen complete with a custom grill, outdoor refrigerator, industrial sink and more. (more…)

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