Benefits of Choosing a Custom Home in Birmingham

Custom Home in Birmingham, AL

kitchen in a new custom home in Birmingham

When buying a house, one of the biggest questions that home buyers ask themselves is whether they should purchase a pre-existing house or a new home. Many home buyers tend to gravitate toward resale homes because they believe they are less expensive or easier or faster to buy. However, choosing a custom new home has so many advantages, so it should always be considered during the homebuying process. Here are a few of the biggest advantages of choosing to build a custom home in Birmingham:

Upgraded Features

Whether it’s the countertops or the floors, when looking at a resale home, there’s usually something that doesn’t fit your style or preferences. Buying a custom home allows you to control not only the layout of the home, but also many of its interior features and designs. The ability to choose upgrades in the home ensures that the home matches your style while saving you the hassle of renovations and remodels.

Low Maintenance

When buying a new home, you want to consider the long-term commitment you are making financially in terms of maintenance and repairs. When purchasing a resale home, you risk running into issues that may not be apparent during inspection but may appear year or so down the road. With new construction, you have the luxury of having everything new and updated, allowing you to enjoy a brand-new home with a warranty to protect you.

Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

Custom built homes have set the standard for energy efficiency with updated technology. In many resale homes, the technology is often outdated, which can take a toll on the utility usage. When buying a custom home, you can take advantage of new energy efficient technologies such as upgraded insulation, energy efficient windows and the latest energy-efficient construction practices. At J. Wright Building Company, we use 20 SEER-rated HVAC units as a standard for all our homes. Incorporating these modern upgrades into a custom home can help you reduce your home’s carbon footprint and save you hundreds of dollars on monthly utility bills.

exterior of a custom home in Tuscaloosa

Custom Made

The best benefit of buying a custom home is, of course, the fact that is it custom made for you, from the ground up! When buying a custom home, every aspect of it, from the placement on your land to the overall design and the floor plan layout to the wall colors, is chosen according your life and style. The construction of a custom home gives you the opportunity to have a say in the building process, allowing you to create your perfect dream home.

Pride of Ownership

While there is pride of ownership in any home, resale or custom, the pride felt from a custom home is unmatched. The home is not just a home, it is a piece of art and craftmanship that truly belongs to you. It reflects your style, priorities, family and lifestyle. There’s satisfaction in walking into a completed custom home that was specifically built with you in mind! Being able to own a home is one thing, but being able to own a home that is 100 percent your vision and creation is an incredible feeling and experience!

At J. Wright Building Company, we partner with the best craftsmen and tradesmen to build homes using the highest quality products and energy efficient technologies. Our goal is to transform your dreams into a reality, creating a custom home that fits your unique needs, ideas and budget. For more information on building your custom home in Birmingham, contact us today by calling 205-820-0100.

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