Adding Southern Charm to Fall Decor with the Southern Living Plant Collection

Nandina from the Southern Living Plant CollectionPumpkins, corn stalks and hay bales are popular go-to items for festive fall décor in Birmingham. When it comes to plants, the late-season bloomer, mums, generally take the lead with their bursting colors and blooms that last for weeks. While mums may last for weeks in your new Birmingham home, they often become brown skeletons on your front porch before wintertime hits the area. The Southern Living Plant Collection offers a huge variety of fall plants (that are not mum related!) that can add life and beauty to the inside and outside of your custom Birmingham home.


Featured as Southern Living’s plant of the month and the state flower of Alabama is the brightly blooming Camellia. While Southern Living offers a diverse amount of colors, the bloom from these flowers will always brighten your fall and winter arrangements. According to the experts at Southern Living, Camellias bloom during the winter, when the weather is chilly and plants are in a dormant state. Flowering occurs during ideal planting times, from October through November for Camellia sasanqua and February through March for Camellia japonica. When planted in the right location and in soil similar to the kind used for azaleas, these iconic flowers are very low-maintenance and pair perfectly with Lemon Lime Nandina.

Purple Pixie Weeping Loropetalum

Southern Living plant collection for fallThis dwarf-size plant will have you weeping with joy when you choose it for your landscaping needs! Purple Pixie weeping loropetalumIt only grows one-to-two feet tall and four-to-five feet wide, making it the ultimate low-maintenance plant that covers the ground. The purple pixie color is also ideal for adding vibrant color to hanging baskets, window boxes, flower pots, and any other container.

While the purple is stunning, this Weeping Loropetalum also pairs perfectly with Sunshine Ligustrum, which offers year-round golden foliage for your home. Sunshine Ligustrum is also a non-invasive and non-blooming plant. To add even more variety to your flowers, check out the Love and Wishes Salvia for an excellent filler plant!

‘Angyo Star’ Fatshedera

These plants scream comfort for the holidays. They are thick with sweetgum-shaped leaves that are a rich green color and outlined with a creamy-white border. They effortlessly greet guests and pair beautifully with Soft Caress Mahonia where bright-yellow flowers stand on top of bamboo-like foliage. Soft Caress Mahonia’s look like a spring and summer flower, but they are very much an early winter shrub that offers year-round interest.

Southern Living plants for fall decor

Fall Décor with a Flair

Southern Living’s plant collection is full of blooming, bushy, creeping and weeping flowers and plants that will definitely add flair to your fall décor. We only covered three of the most popular fall and winter plants, but there are many more to choose from, such as the Festuca, colorful Aglaonema, Croton, Russian Sage and more. Pairing any of these plants with a pumpkin-lined walkway is sure to add seasonal flavor to your new custom home in Birmingham. To view the entire Southern Living plant collection and to find the plants that work best for you and your home, visit

Incorporating the proper plants into your home’s design is a fall trend we love to see! We are honored to be a Southern Living Custom Builder and appreciate partnering with them on all things Southern Living. If you’re ready to build and design your dream custom home in Birmingham, call J. Wright Building Company at 205-820-0100 or click here to contact us.

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