2023 Design Forecast: Natural, Modern & Functional

Interior Living RoomThe 2023 forecast is in, and J. Wright Building Company predicts a stylish season in real estate! Here to deliver custom homes that reflect the latest trends directly to clients, as a Southern Living Custom Builder, we take pride in staying in the know regarding color, construction, and design developments within the industry.

Explore this year’s top trends to dream up a stylish, custom home perfect for your family!

Bathe Your Home in Warmth

As color trends change from year to year, warm and natural palettes continue to remain popular choices. Homeowners and builders find inspiration in nature and transfer it into modern home design to create spaces that provide a strong sense of comfort.

By incorporating colors such as the 2023 Sherwin-Williams collection of 40 nature-inspired colors, your custom J. Wright Building Company residence will become a beautiful and comforting place to settle. Sherwin-Williams also unveiled Redend Point as its 2023 color of the year! The warm and inviting color incorporates undertones of beige and blush, acting as a flexible background for any shared space. Take inspiration from today’s hottest color theory trends and play with both bold and natural swatches to create a robust home palette with soft transitions and fabulous swatches.

Interior Kitchen Design Trends

Play with Textures

According to the modern buyer, the perfect home embodies comfort, warmth and luxury. Check all those boxes by playing with textures and patterns to add an extra pop to your custom build! The best way to ensure your home reflects your taste is to mimic your favorite style choices. Whether it’s a bold lineup of fun wallpapers, textured handles or ornate detail with crown molding, the only limit is your imagination.

Blend the Indoors & Outdoors

Outdoor living skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years, and it’s easy to see why! By seamlessly blending the indoor and outdoor living spaces, your home will provide the perfect backdrop to get back to nature.

Incorporate popular outdoor living elements such as sliding doors, unique window installations, screened porches and more. The adaptability of indoor to outdoor living spaces also creates additional ways to connect with your family and reduce stress levels!

Outdoor Living Design Fireplace

Beauty & Function

The most essential element of a home is its functionality, but that doesn’t mean homebuyers have to sacrifice beauty! Get creative when dreaming up your custom build by transforming everyday home elements into showstopping features. From wide arched or curved doorways and nature-inspired light fixtures to bold hardware installations, your home will be the talk of the neighborhood!

For more design inspiration or to view past projects, visit our Blog and Online Portfolio! Take the first step toward unlocking the door to your custom dream home by contacting the J. Wright Building Company team at 205-820-0100 or online today.

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