Building Process

Our Company offers a unique experience for clients in many ways. Our Process begins with you, and remains focused on your unique needs throughout the process. We start with your detailed ideas about what you envision in your dream home. After that, we strive to create a truly custom home, designed specifically with you in mind, from the ground up. The end goal is a home that uniquely fits your individual needs, ideas, and budget. Whether you want that double shower, a working pantry, or a one-of-a-kind outdoor space, we can transform your dreams into a reality.

Building Process #1
Building Process #2

We believe that the process of building a home should be an exciting experience for homeowners. We are committed to providing clients with a pleasant building experience and excellent customer service throughout the process. Our unique funding process serves to eliminate stress from the financial aspect of building. At J. Wright Building Company, we fund our own jobs with just a percentage down upfront from homeowners. The balance isn't due until the completion of your home. If you are in the market for a pleasant homebuilding experience with builders who truly enjoy providing high quality custom homes, look no further than J. Wright Building Company.

Why you should choose J. Wright

Why Choose J. Wright #1

Southern Living Custom Builder

As a member of the Southern Living Custom Building Program, you can rest assured that we're well regarded for possessing an ability to bring dream homes to life. As a member of this highly-selective program, know that we've been hand-picked for our extensive knowledge and experience, excellence reputation, and focus on client happiness.

Why Choose J. Wright #2

Client Focused

We keep our clients engaged throughout the building process. By using tools such as Buildertrend, our clients can take sneak peeks of photos of their construction site, make change orders and more.

Why Choose J. Wright #3

Quality Craftsmanship

We partner with the best craftsmen and tradesmen in the business to build our homes. Together, we build a home using the highest quality building products available while ensuring our clients have an energy efficient home built to the most stringent construction standards.

Building Timeline

  • Step 1: Site Selection
    • Select land or use your own
    • Questions for Builder
  • Step 2: Pre-Design Meeting With Building/Designer
    • Review needs & purpose of the home
    • Determine budget/allowance
    • Gather ideas to be incorporated in design
  • Step 3: Design and Quote Review
    • Presentation of Preliminary design and quote
    • Discuss needed changes
  • Step 4: Interior Design
    • Material and Color Selection with our Interior Designer
  • Step 5: Specification Review & Build Sheet
    • Review Final Plan
    • Review Final quote and build sheet
    • Review Specifications
  • Step 6: Contract Signing
    • Review and acceptance of the final building plans, build sheet, and specifications
  • Step 7: Final Loan Approval
    • Pre-construction Appraisal
    • Earnest Money
    • Lender's Loan Approval
  • Step 8: Permitting and Approvals To Build
    • Zoning Approval (if needed)
    • HOA Approval (if needed)
    • Health Department Permit or Sewer Permit
    • Building Permit
  • Step 9: Final Selections
    • Final Selection of Appliances
    • Final Selection of Lighting
  • Step 10: Construction
    • Build Time 4-6 Months
  • Step 11: Mid Construction Site Meeting
    • Builder Meeting to go over home prior to drywall
    • Electrical meeting to finalize
    • Electrical Layout
  • Step 12: Final Walkthrough & Finished Construction
    • Home Orientation
    • Final Punch List
    • Owner's Acceptance of Comparison
  • Step 13: Closing
    • Mortgage Loan Closing
    • Final Payment
    • Transfer of Title
  • Step 14: Move-In Day
    • The day the house becomes a home